Why Paws-i-Track?

  • Full accountability from time of pickup to return of ashes
  • Reduces the possibility of human errors.
  • Web based forms mean ease of use for Vet's and general public to notify us.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you pet is in the best possible hands.

The Paws-i-Track custom pet crematory software system was developed by Paws memorial services as a method of guaranteeing to our customers that the pet they have entrusted us with is fully and accurately accounted for while in our care.

Most crematories use a uniquely numbered metal disk that will follow the pet through the cremation process. Traceability is minimal at best and the opportunity for human error is far too prevalent.

Paws-i-Track relies on interactive web forms as well as digital barcode technology to insure the highest possible accountability of your pet.

When you receive the cremated remains of your pet, you will also receive an accountability flow of who handled your pet and when.

Peace of mind is so important when making the decision to trust a crematory operator with your beloved friend. So often you turn your pet over and have no idea who is handling it and if the remains you receive back are actually that of your pet.

Paws-i-Track is our way of providing you peace of mind in this time of decision.
We understand the importance of your decision and we guarantee that we will handle your pet with the best of care.


Why Paws Memorial?

Because We Care

Paws-i-Track Program Printscreen

Paws-i-Track uses online web forms as well as barcode technology to ensure 100% traceability and ease of use for our customers and veterinary partners.



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